The Beauty of Becoming

Spirit Meets Bone

This spring, my friend Terri grew Monarch butterflies. Like most of us, she’s concerned that it’s our human footprint mucking up the planet and not, contrary to what some believe, God or Zeus or Mothra exacting their revenge on us for sport. In the past few decades, the Monarch population has suffered an alarming and steep decline from 1 billion in the mid-1990s to only 35 million in 2014. It doesn’t take a math genius like Stephen Hawking to tell you that this is not good with a side of very bad. Or to put it another way: there’s a profound disturbance in the Force, Luke.

The world depends on harmony, not balance. Harmony is all the disparate elements co-mingling and working together in their own funky ways to create some kind of whole. Harmony is peanut butter and chocolate smashed together to make something delicious. There was a time…

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Hello #DTNationALs


Industry: Entertainment

Founded: Coded in 2014

Founder: Ogbo (Naldoh) Nadari

Headquarters: Yenagoa, Nigeria

Area Served: Nigeria (Niger Delta)

Key People: Naldoh (Boss), Ravy Blake (Co-owner and in-house producer)

Divisions: VenomMonx Empire


  Down Town Nation (DTN) is a Nigerian record label founded in 2014 by an environmental biologist and entertainer, Ogbo O.B. Nadari (aka Boss Naldoh), with the aim of influencing his environment with his God-given music talent. The label is generally regarded as one of the ace-making, raving and success-oriented record labels in the Southern part of Nigeria.


Down Town Nation operates as a subsidiary of VenomMonx Empire (VME), one of the fast-growing entertainment empires in the Niger Delta region. Other arms of the empire are Nadx’ Collectionx (Clothing line) and more.

The label is home to recording and performing artists such as Naldoh, Ravy Blake, Slicky C’, etc.

Down Town Nation has also worked on the careers of artists like JC Brizzy and RapMistress!

Muzik’s The Fashion…Fame’s The Passion..!